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August 08 2015

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July 16 2015

for steven universe and gravity falls fans

does THIS look familiar



July 11 2015

i’m just gonna hoard this url now

April 14 2015

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Sanrio: Hello Kitty:)

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“you look like a lavender soft princess goddess”
thank you to the sweet, lovely sonia for taking these pictures of me <3 (don’t remove this credit)

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Makeup at Armani Prive Couture S/S 2015


willow and jaden smith are going to lead us into the future and i for one am ready. 

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doll outfit design! sweet pink :D

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i love working in a cafe in a garden shop ♡

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1890s Victorian Amethyst, Rose Cut Diamond and Pearl Pendant, 14K on Period 10K Chain, $1395

Pictures don’t do it justice, but this piece of amethyst is really exceptional.

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Lady in pink 💅

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